Research Interests

Memory processes
  • Control processes of long-term memory (LTM) retrieval (interference control and integration/binding of representations)

  • Material-specificity and neuronal organization of LTM representations

  • Interactions between working memory and LTM: determining factors of a successful encoding of information into LTM

  • Visual working memory and LTM interactions

  • Integration/ binding of representations in working memory/ mental imagery
Decision making
  • Cognitive dynamics and neuronal basis of heuristic memory-based decisions

  • Cognitive Search: Dynamics of free recall processes during cognitive search
Neuroscience Methods
  • EEG (ERPs and oscillations), fMRI, EEG-fMRI integration

  • Neuronal basis of EEG (especially of slow cortical potentials)
  • Neural correlates of the neural representations of nouns and verbs